Scholarships for Outstanding International Students at Silesian University of Technology in Poland



Opportunity description

The Silesian University of Technology offers a number of scholarships to the best international students in the first semester of the first or second cycle in a full course of study, under the Excellence Program - University Research Initiative.

Benefits and benefits

If you get this scholarship, you will receive a total of 21,000 PLN (approximately $4,437.99 USD).

Note: The scholarship is paid in three equal installments, with the first installment being transferred within three months after the start of the study.


Application criteria

You must follow the following criteria:


  •  Scholarships for the best international students of Silesia University of Technology who begin their full-time studies in the first or second cycle/cycle of the study program as a whole.

  • These scholarships are available to students in the first or second stage of studies, i.e. for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

  •  For first-year students: A high school diploma with a final grade that places you in the top 20% of graduates for a given year in classes of similar curricula approved and approved by the principal.

  •  For second year students:Completion of the first stage studies with the highest degree stipulated in the regulations in force at the specified university, and approved by the dean or president of the university.

  •  The application and the required documents must be submitted in Polish or English, and the attached translation can also be accepted.

  •   A positive recommendation from the panel is based on your rank in the ranking list of applicants who have earned at least 50% of the maximum number of points.


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